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Pacheco Falls, Willson Camp / Peak / Tower at Henry Coe State Park

Pacheco Falls is another one of those secret, seasonal, hard-to-get-to waterfalls in the Bay Area! I visited Murrietta Falls just 6 weeks ago: The annual “Backcountry Weekend” at Henry Coe State Park was cancelled this past weekend due to … Continue reading

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Henry Coe Dowdy Ranch (Mack’s, Pacheco Crossing, Vasquez, Dormida)

The Dowdy Ranch entrance to the massive Henry Coe State park is now seasonally open on weekends (and fridays, it seems) I was last there in January by bicycling from Bell Station With the road now open, Michael, … Continue reading

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Mt Hamilton, San Antonio Valley, Isabel Creek & Patterson on a rainy (almost snowy) day

Back a few weeks ago on March 26th I decided to do a one day (~200 mile) circular road trip. I was curious about the wildflowers and water flows in the San Antonio Valley, east of San Jose’s Mount Hamilton. … Continue reading

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Russian Ridge, Borel Hill & Mindego Hill on a beautiful spring day!

Last weekend I went on a hike with some local friends. I met Paulina (@Paulina_dao, Russ (@WineHiker), and Paulina’s boyfriend at a coffee shop in Cupertino and we carpooled up to Russian River Open Space Preserve. Paulina was … Continue reading

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Roaming Toro County Park: Simas, Eagle and Ollason Peaks (Monterey / Salinas)

A wee bit outside my normal dayhike radius, near Salinas, CA, lies “Toro County Park” (…not to be confused with the prominent “El Toro”, visible from Highway 101 in Morgan Hill ) Back a few weeks ago, after … Continue reading

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Stan’s Donuts – a Santa Clara treasure, hiding in plain sight since 1959!

Strict Paleos, folks who don’t work off their excess calorie intake, and those not interested in history, please keep moving…there’s nothing to see here! There is very little in Silicon Valley that’s more than a few decades old. Santa Clara … Continue reading

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Adobe Springs – Magnesium-rich water near Patterson / Mt Hamilton

I was recently planning an interesting loop trip, which I had never completed in it’s entirety before. The loop is to go from San Jose, east over the prominent Mt Hamilton, then turn right towards Patterson CA (near Interstate 5), … Continue reading

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