About Me

I’m based in Silicon Valley and get out in the wilderness as often as possible. Mostly these are day trips into the large and numerous parks in Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County. Occasionally I hit the road to the expansive Sierra “spine” in eastern California, Gold Country, or the vast deserts in Southern California.

Mountain biking, road cycling, hiking, running, and road trips to cool places. “It’s all good!”

4 Responses to About Me

  1. AlphaRoaming says:

    Perhaps…I will send a private e-mail

  2. Ross McClintock says:

    Many thanks for this website. I used to ride my Schwinn ten speed on this road back in the 60’s when I lived in San Jose. It has changed so much as I can see. Always has been a beautiful place. Later, I loved the Santa Cruz Mts. so much I moved to Ben Lomond for 16 years then retired in Florida…Miss this magical place and thanks again. Ross

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