Adobe Springs – Magnesium-rich water near Patterson / Mt Hamilton


I was recently planning an interesting loop trip, which I had never completed in it’s entirety before. The loop is to go from San Jose, east over the prominent Mt Hamilton, then turn right towards Patterson CA (near Interstate 5), and back via Pacheco Pass. I discovered in my planning that there’s a source of Magnesium-rich water that is bottled and sold, yet is available FREE at the source. It’s called “Adobe Springs”.


I stopped-in here on a weekday in late March and chatted with a few guys from Turlock who were loading-up some large containers in the back of their Toyota truck. They were quite convinced of the health benefits of magnesium, as is the owner of this spring!


The owner, Paul Mason, seems to be quite convinced, through his own research, that the low amount of Magnesium in our water is a huge health issue. This prompted him to share his knowledge on his site as well as provide his water free to the public. (Benefits, water test reports, etc:

Adobe Springs water is also bottled and sold via the Modesto 7-Up bottling plant under the “Noah’s” label, if you want convenient packaging and are not interested in the beautiful drive out here!

(The “Life Extension Foundation” did an article in 2005, including some additional details on Adobe Springs. A reprint of this article is posted on the main signboard at the spring )

Up the canyon is some sort of fenced-off infrastructure. I also believe the owner lives at the property.


Yes, this area is steep and barren, and has been scientifically linked to the planet Mars! (…and also some good information and photos of this area)

Quote from Paul Mason’s website :


The Adobe Springs flow at a rate of 75,000,000 gallons per year, and contain 110 mg/L magnesium. Nearly all other American bottled spring waters contain less than 6 mg/L magnesium. This magnesium may prevent up to 40% of all heart disease. Two books mention Adobe Springs as one of the world’s healthiest waters, thanks to the high magnesium content:

•In Search of the World’s Best Water, by Bill Sardi
•The Miracle of Magnesium, by Dr. Carolyn Dean

Adobe Springs is the source for multiple brands of bottled water. One is bottled at the Seven-Up plant in Modesto, CA, under their label, Noah’s Spring Water, and distributed in California and several other states. Another brand, hiOsilver Oxygen Water, is bottled in glass in Modesto. The water is oxygenated for extra energy and to promote fresh breath.

The Adobe Springs are located in western Stanislaus County in an area so remote that there are no schools or delivery of U. S. mail. The area is so mountainous that no bottling plant can be built at the springs, so the water is trucked out in “doubles” carrying 6,600 gallons per load. The owner is Paul Mason, who lives at the springs. He spends most of his time doing research on the health benefits of magnesium and lobbying for greater recognition by the FDA of the health benefits of magnesium in water.

The elevation at the Adobe Springs is 1,375 feet above sea level, which keeps the springs pure. At that elevation in such rocky terrain, there is no agriculture or industry using insecticides, herbicides, chemicals, no smog, or anything else. The area is a rugged wilderness, too steep for any development.”

Thank you to Paul Mason for his research and generosity in sharing his water with the public!

Note: I was looking for Adobe Springs, driving east from Mt Hamilton, using the GPS address of 19000 Del Puerto Canyon, Patterson, CA. It took me to this place (below), which looks like it used to be a “watering hole” of some sort. The sign is painted-over, but there is one small useable faucet at ground level. I don’t know anything about this water or location. The “Adobe Springs” you’re looking for is just a bit downhill (east) from here.



Note: I am not a doctor or scientist, and I don’t want to hear from your lawyer. 😉 I am not giving any specific medical or nutrition advice, other than to say “this is an interesting place to visit.” Your comments are welcome at the end of this blog post!


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2 Responses to Adobe Springs – Magnesium-rich water near Patterson / Mt Hamilton

  1. I think this is a really cool article , thank you for sharing

  2. Patrick Dorn says:

    My friend, a Bay Area Dentist, told me about Adobe Springs 6 years ago. Now that I’m retired, I need to take the drive and bottle some..

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