Russian Ridge, Borel Hill & Mindego Hill on a beautiful spring day!

Last weekend I went on a hike with some local friends. I met Paulina (@Paulina_dao, Russ (@WineHiker), and Paulina’s boyfriend at a coffee shop in Cupertino and we carpooled up to Russian River Open Space Preserve.

Paulina was MUCH faster in doing her blog post this week AND I didn’t take many pictures since this was all familiar terrain to me…so, maybe I’ll just link to her blog and then add a little bit more of my own narrative. Take a look here, then c’mon back and read more below!

Within a few hundred feet of Alpine Pond, there’s an interesting little spot that is easily overlooked. It’s a cluster of Native American “grinding rocks”. These little (~6 inch / 15 cm) depressions, along with a loose rock, where how acorns were ground-up for food, like a mortar and pestle.

Photo Credit: Paulina Dao

Photo Credit: Paulina Dao

We finished our hike on the Mindego Hill Trail, which ends at a “closed” area to the northwest. The area of Mindego Hill was purchased for park land from the family that had been ranching the area for over 50 years. Here’s a story about Chris and Veronica True. He sounds like quite a character!

Mindego Hill is such a locally prominent hill that many people hop the fence anyway (I have not done it and I’m not suggesting it…). While it was private property, it never really said “No Trespassing”, but rather had a sign that was likely taken even more seriously! (The sign is gone now)

Circa 2008 at the base of Mindego Hill

Circa 2008 at the base of Mindego Hill

That’s it! Here’s the detailed trail map:

Access from Silicon Valley is to head west up Page Mill Road from Highway 280. Cross Skyline Boulevard, then look for the parking lot immediately on your right.

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