The Apple “Spaceship”: 5 months later & traffic grumbling…

Back on December 6th I wrote about the beginning of the demolition of the old Hewlett-Packard buildings (…and Tandem Computers, which was purchased by H-P)

Here’s a local article, with an aerial view, showing the site being completely stripped now. I decided to take another look! (My photos below are from the same direction, facing north from Pruneridge Avenue)

At the northeast corner of the project, Tantau at Homestead looks much the same. Some digging in the street for utilities, some orange cones, and “the big green fence” hidden on the right.


I love how signs are planted in the Bike Lane, especially the ones that say “Share The Road”!


Yes, the “Big Green Walls” are everywhere, except in some places along Pruneridge Avenue, which will be closed and removed very soon.


Along the “soon to be closed” Pruneridge Avenue, there are still old landscaping mounds, between the public sidewalk and the construction fence. These are convenient place to take a peek!

Trucks everywhere! A sign of prosperity and jobs.


Looking south from Pruneridge, towards Highway 280, there is still some sorting of the debris to be done (the pile on the right). In the main area, north of Pruneridge, only piles of ground-up concrete remain (like the pile on the left).


Notice carefully, looking to the right from my vantage point, you’ll see a gently curving line in the dirt, on the right side of the picture. This appears to be the beginning of the outline of the building.


Looking to the left, the building outline is also clearly taking shape, with a curved line of orange flags. Note the quantity of drilling rigs and grading machines, all working at the same time.


Flashback to 5 months ago when they were just starting to remove the old trees and a few of the buildings!


Also from 5 months ago. Now part of the area being dug and graded.



Here’s my rant about the traffic issues. If you’re not from the local area, you can ignore this! 😉

The Wolfe Road exit off of Highway 280, up to Homestead Avenue, has become a daily PITA! I now use Lawrence Expressway more often, which itself appears busier. The times I do take Wolfe, with the thought that maybe the traffic tie-ups are only during business hours, I’m wrong!

Southbound Wolfe, just north of Homestead has lost it’s third lane, as well as having lost one of the two “left turn lanes” onto Homestead. Northbound Wolfe has lost most of it’s “left turn lane” onto Homestead. The REAL bottleneck is when the remaining two northbound lanes are temporarily narrowed to one lane, and/or the right turn onto Homestead is slowed or blocked due to activity on Homestead.

Aaarrrggghhh! The good news is that Pruneridge is still open as an escape route to the right, but that will be closing and torn-up very soon…

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