Peter’s Creek Old Growth Redwoods @ Portola Redwoods State Park

Yesterday I enjoyed a 14 mile loop with 2 hiking friends. It was a trail we’d all been on a few times before…in fact this same trail was the first time we hiked together back in 2008!

The air in Silicon Valley is getting just a bit cooler and crisper in the evenings, indicating fall will soon be here. Until fall really does arrive, the mountains and parks will remain very dry. This particular hike was chosen due to the cool deep forest with year-round water flow. Quite a respite from the dry grasses and hillsides elsewhere!

Yes, the trees are kinda big around here!



…and they’re old, too. The sign will help you recognize an old tree when you see one


To get to the virgin grove on Peter’s Creek, it’s a substantial hike, but nowhere else in the area have I seen a warning sign like this.


…and after awhile you’ll enter the magical, quiet area of old growth redwoods and year-round streams.


You never know when you’ll stumble across a 1941 Buick Super Sport Coupe deep in the woods. The “road” (trail) to this spot hasn’t been passable in at least 50 years, based on the washouts and new trees grown in the way. (Credit to my hiking buddy, Michael, for identifying the car!)


Great hike, great friends, and a cool, quiet location.

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