Peter’s Creek Grove @ Portola Redwoods State Park


Entry sign, before the Visitor’s Center

I haven’t organized a group hike in awhile. Partly due to other things going on, and partly because I’m running out of good ideas. It was forecast to be over 95F, and I had some friends interested in Peter’s Creek Grove, so…let’s go to the redwoods, where it should be cooler!

We made the deceptively long drive, west from I-280 on Page Mill Road, over Skyline, then the long descent into park HQ. We planned on it being a bit cooler, and it was! (Park website: Park brochure and small map:


Image from the sign at HQ

It was warming quickly, which reminded me of a prior hike closeby, on a warm day. It was to the natural crude oil seep in “Tarwater Creek”. On a warm day, it was evaporating and giving off a smell. An easy hike for another time!


A bit of a warning, at Slate Creek Trail Camp, when turning north

A bit after the left turn at Slate Creek Trail Camp, your next interesting stop is at a 1941 Buick Super Sport Coupe! It’s a few feet off the trail, to the right, at N 37° 16.033 W 122° 11.382 (If you’re a Geocacher, the details are here:



A burned-out shell, leaning against a younger tree

7 of us eventually made it down into the Grove, and near the water, the temperature dropped considerably! And yes, we saw trees!


“lookee that big tree”

These trees are some of the only virgin redwoods in the area. They did not meet their fate at the nearby “Page Mill”. Page Mill was a shingle cutting operation, owned by “Mr. Page”. The more famous Page Mill Road was his route from the mill to the port, on San Francisco Bay, from where he shipped his shingles.


Crossing Peter’s Creek, with a huge tree and root ball behind us

Heading out of the grove, one of our group noticed this very active wasp nest. I went the closest, for a picture, but I moved very slowly and carefully!


Yes, a real wasp nest, with alot of activity on the right side

A very thoughtful friend brought a 22oz beer to share, but we had to improvise for cups!


Water bottles + pocket knife = drinking cups!

That’s it! Have fun…oh, there was alot of poison oak! Here’s our Strava track:


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1 Response to Peter’s Creek Grove @ Portola Redwoods State Park

  1. Tim Rodden says:

    Very cool posting – thanks!

    This is an awesome “Bay Area Insider” hike to take people on!

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