Cycling Woodside to Half Moon Bay (Kings Mountain Rd, Tunitas Creek Rd)


When the going gets hot, the hot go to the coast!

Love those NorCal “microclimates”!

I was looking for a challenging bike ride, as well as something a little cooler than what Silicon Valley, or (ugh!) Henry Coe State Park ( were forecast to be. I decided to repeat my previous ride from Woodside to Half Moon Bay, which was forecast to be ~25 degrees cooler. The San Benito Ale House ( serves-up a great Bacon-Avocado-Cheddar Burger, which would be my destination and turnaround point.

I parked in Woodside, on the street near Robert’s Market ( They’re quite bicycle-friendly, as well as having a faucet to fill water bottles to the right of their porch area. I often stop-in for an Arizona Ice Tea and a small hunk of cheese.

Here’s the right turn onto Kings Mountain Road:


Passing the old Woodside Store building on the left:


Just as I started enjoying the solitude of the climb through the trees, a paving truck passed me with a politely wide berth. Safe for me, but not so nice for the poor red Subie coming down the hill. The truck should have waited…The Subie and driver were fine (except maybe a wet front seat!). I directed them out of the ditch, without scraping bottom.


Passing by Huddart County Park. I’ve never been in the main entrance, but I have explored a bit from the lesser known (no bathrooms, no water. no parking fee) entrance up on Skyline.


Aahhhh! Redwoods! Nice on a hot day.


Kings Mountain Road crosses Skyline and becomes Tunitas Creek Road. The first of the 2 big climbs is now over!


Yes, this is the beginning of the same “Star Hill Road” that Neil Young lives on. (


Halfway down (or up) Tunitas Creek Road is a convenient spot to stop. The creek along the road is not flowing, though there are a few stagnant pools remaining



Continuing the descent towards the coast, the ecosystem changes from redwoods to open and dry coastal scrub


Hang a right on “Lobitos Creek Cutoff” if you want the most direct route to Half Moon Bay. (Not the same as Lobitos Creek Road, further up the hill). If you’re not in a hurry, or if your bike or body need some assistance, stay on Tunitas Creek Road to visit the Bike Hut (


Up and over a hill on Lobitos Creek Cutoff. This sign is at the top!


…and a pumpkin farm with a hay bale maze ready for the kiddies!


I decided to take the direct route to Half Moon Bay, which involves about 5 miles each way on Highway 1. There’s a respectable shoulder of about 4 feet, but the cars do move fast and cyclists have been killed or injured. (There is a way to avoid Hwy 1 entirely, but it’s longer and steeper: Verde Road, Purisima Creek Road and Higgins Canyon Road)

I see fog!


Burger time!


Heading back up the hill on Tunitas Creek Road towards the redwoods:


Silicon Valley is out there somewhere, after crossing Skyline Boulevard and starting the descent back into Woodside. Enjoy!


Strava Link:

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3 Responses to Cycling Woodside to Half Moon Bay (Kings Mountain Rd, Tunitas Creek Rd)

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  2. michael says:

    Thanks for the great and detailed post! We are planning to follow your path (and camp at half moon bay)

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