Henry Coe overnight: an unburned cabin & Kickham Ranch

As of last year, I had visited three cabins in Henry Coe State Park that were not on the map. Seeing that two of them burned last year, I thought I might visit the last one, once again, before it’s too late! This third one is even less accessible and surrounded by more trees and brush. It’s doomed the next time there’s a fire near Grizzly Gulch and Grizzly Falls. If the State thinks it’s worth protecting from the public, why isn’t it worth protecting from fire?

After visiting the cabin, I proceeded on to Willson Camp for the night. It’s a great spot, with views, a shady table, water, toilet, and an AT&T signal

My route back to Hunting Hollow was via Kickham Ranch. It’s not openly encouraged to enter/exit the park this way, but there are no signs forbidding it. You’ll have to climb one gate, which forbids “Unauthorized Vehicles” on one side of the gate.

So, yeah, until there is an effort to protect the remaining unmarked cabin from fire, it seems ridiculous to hide it from the public. (I won’t be publishing any more location details, and please don’t add it in the comments. You can find the cabin with some research, including old PRA documents.)

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3 Responses to Henry Coe overnight: an unburned cabin & Kickham Ranch

  1. AlphaRoaming says:

    Comments are working fine! I get notified by e-mail to approve it.

  2. jmpreston says:

    Great! I’ve been enjoying your adventures! Coe has so much of that as does CA. We’ve moved to Fruita, CO from Santa Clara for better mountain biking and to explore the old mining towns of the Rockies, scenery and towns of NM, and more time exploring the Red Rock Country in Southern Utah. We love riding the trails here and Moab is only 1 1/2 hours away!

    The problem I’ve had with commenting before is that I didn’t realize that I had to log in with WordPress. I used the wrong email and when I changed to the correct one it wouldn’t accept it. This time I logged in first with my WP info and it worked.

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