30 Hours in Henry Coe bikepacking

I spent 30 hours in Henry W. Coe State Park, including an overnight at Pacheco Camp, and visiting an unmarked historic cabin that burned.

I saw one backpacker, and a handful of cyclists. I also passed across the dam at Coit Lake, after dark, and chatted with 2 or 3 backpackers who were set up there. The burn areas are very spotty. Some areas are completely scorched, and some are a patchwork of lightly burned, and unburned. Most areas are already sprouting green shoots!

The cabin really should have had some proactive clearing of brush and flammables, way before the fire. (If it’s worth protecting from the public, it should be worth protecting from fire.) There is another old cabin in Coe that is similarly a “sitting duck” for the next big fire. Thankfully Pacheco Camp was saved, partly due to flammables clearing and vehicle access.

Still need to work on my gear, including front racks
Gilroy Hot Springs cabins
Coit Horse Camp
Pig damage
Mahoney Pond
Mahoney Cabin. It was kept secret by park management, but no brush clearing was done. If it was worth protecting from the public, why was it not worth protecting from fire?
Photo from 2010, courtesy of “Skyline 35” on Strava. (Notice the metal washtubs to the right, then look at the previous picture.)
The most desolate spot. The burn was not this thorough in most areas.
Entering Kelly Cabin Canyon
I planned on travelling after dark on the fire roads, with good lighting. What else am I gonna do with 10 hours of darkness?
White Tank Spring
The shower house
Frosty morning at Pacheco Camp!
Drying my sleeping bag and tent fly on the porch. My bike is leaning against the table.
Pacheco Falls
Mirror image!

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