The Wild Parrots of Sunnyvale!…and Telegraph Hill!

Many folks have heard of the movie “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill”, released in 2003 Have you heard of The Wild Parrots of Sunnyale?

About 10 years ago they first caught my attention while I was in the parking lot of Toys-R-Us. I heard an unusual and happy cluster of “squawks” and looked up to see about 8 green birds flying overhead.

At that time there was one or two minor references on the internet, including one YouTube video. Now there are many more references, websites, pictures, and even their own Twitter account @SvlWildParrots

Rick Rutna has a great writeup from 2012, which is MUCH better than anything else. If you only read one link, read this one:

Earlier material on the birds:

San Jose Metro from 1998:

YouTube 2009:
…and YouTube 2010:
…and about 10 more videos if you search “Sunnyvale” and “Parrots”

A small article from 2009:

More recent, and very nice close-ups, here:

..and here:

A Geocache, for those of you who know what that is…

Living not too far away, I have become accustomed to looking up when I hear their sounds several times a week. They apparently travel during the day and end-up back in or near Las Palmas Park for the evening. As for me, I enjoy their sounds and can’t imagine what it would be like to live in a cage instead!

There you go! A quick summary of the better links regarding this “almost famous” flock!

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