White Sierra Clothing Review #ThinkOutside #MyOutdoors

Recently, the local, family owned White Sierra company sent me a few items to evaluate. I’m happy to support them in my own little corner of cyberspace. They’re just down the road, here in Silicon Valley, and have a great “American Dream” story! https://www.whitesierra.com/pages/family-heritage They have periodic closeout sales in their Sunnyvale HQ, where I had a chance to meet the husband and wife owners, and connect with the company.

What did I get? Clockwise, from top-left: an “Insect Shield” bandana, an “Insect Shield” stretchy scarf or headcover, “Rocky Ridge II” pants, and a “Kalgoorlie II” Long Sleeve Shirt.


Both the “Multifunctional Headwear” and the bandana contain a small amount of permethrin insecticide, which survives multiple washes, and is EPA-registered as safe for normal use.


Below, you see the information card, confirming it’s safe for normal use. These two products seem quite interesting. Seeing that we don’t have any bugs to speak of, in this area, I’m anxious to give these a try on my next camping trip.

The headwear is $25 on https://www.whitesierra.com/collections/insect-shield/products/bug-free-multifunctional-headwear?variant=15311797894 There’s also a wide selection of similarly treated clothing https://www.whitesierra.com/collections/insect-shield


The Kalgoorlie II Long Sleeve Shirt is a light fabric, offering full protection from sun (SPF 30). Excellent ventilation features include: interior mesh, a horizontal flap across the back, and roll-up sleeves with a retaining tab. I usually wear long sleeve runner’s shirts when I hike, but these ventilation features are superior. ($43.00 https://www.whitesierra.com/collections/mens-tops )


The Rocky Ridge II pants offer a similar lightweight fabric, with simple and comfortable construction. Perfect for summer hikes where you want your legs protected and covered. Front slash pockets, rear Velcro pockets, elasticized waist, and a single snap closure.

I often wear “zip-off” or “convertible” pants when I hike. These pants are lighter, and faster drying. I rarely ever remove the legs of the zip-off pants, anyway, because it requires removing my boots. I’ll be giving these a try soon! ( $45.00 https://www.whitesierra.com/collections/s17-new-men/products/rocky-ridge-ii-pant?variant=36542283398 )


White Sierra regularly publishes discount codes, as well as offering free shipping over $100. If any of their items interest you, check the hours on their Sunnyvale store fro closeouts, or buy their new items for 33% off list price, from their website (Code: “ALPHA33“)

The end! Go take a hike!

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Random outdoor roaming: hiking, cycling, camping, backpacking & plotting more of the above Grew up on the edges of the Adirondack mountains of New York, just a bit west of Vermont. Now living in Silicon Valley and venturing out when and where I can!
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