Gear Review: UST’s ParaKnife 3.0 and Paracord Bracelet



I’ve done a few gear reviews before…some I’ve purchased ( and loved enough to share my experiences, and some were freebies. A few times I’ve had a gear manufacturer send me a freebie where they were not necessarily asking for a review. In the interest of “paying it back” I’m happy to do a short review for my blogging audience.

UST ( specializes in survival and emergency preparedness equipment. The first item they sent is a 7 inch Paracord Glo bracelet. This is a glow-in-the-dark version of what you’d wear just in case some parachute cord would come in handy. It looks well made, with a handy plastic snap clip. The 7 inch model is a bit snug on me, and I don’t have large wrists. Medium-to-large guys should look at their 8 inch models. Nice! (Available direct on their website, or $6.95 on Amazon or support your local retailer!)


The second item is their “Paraknife 3.0 Glo”. This sucker is sharp! Be careful when removing it from the package! It’s a handy little fixed-blade knife, with a sturdy sheath. It’s made of a single flat piece of steel and the 5 feet of cord **is** the handle! As someone who has a few old knives that are in dire need of sharpening, THIS ONE will now be my go-to knife. Excellent little item. Thanks for the goodies! (Available direct on their website, or $11.94 Amazon Prime or support your local retailer!)


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