The Lost Cabin in the Woods: the White Cabin in Henry Coe State Park

A few days ago, after some heavy rains, I headed on down to Henry Coe State Park to see what the park looked like after recovering from several years of drought.

As hoped, and expected, the park was full of life and water!


Looking downstream from the Gilroy Hot Springs bridge. Deep and fast! (Coyote Creek entrance)


First creek crossing on Coit Road. This is usually dry, but now 4 inches deep and 20 feet wide. There is a recent “high water mark” of small debris across the road, at least a foot higher, in the foreground.


Oops! 15 inches in diameter, just above the root ball, on lower Coit Road. A major access road for park staff in their trucks. Easy to get around on bike or foot.




After going as far as Coit Horse Camp. I turned around and headed back to the Grizzly Gulch area. In that area, at a precise location that I won’t easily divulge, is a very overgrown road to the old “White Cabin”.


View down towards Grizzly Falls. Note the little seasonal muddy pond to the left


The White Cabin, with signs of the white color to the right of the door.


View from inside the cabin


A little shelf with a Tab can and other stuff, including rodent feces. I stepped lightly and was only inside the cabin for a few seconds. It had a strong smell of urine inside.


With “Cyclamates”, which were banned in 1970


Yes, it looks authentic and 64 years old!


A few years later. Well aged, but protected from the elements.

It is a fascinating old cabin, with great views. The park staff know about it, of course, but it’s not well known. The “visitor markings” dated from 1952 to 2011, that I could see. (I guess newer ones are called “graffiti” or “vandalism” and the older ones are “historic”? Are petroglyphs just “old graffiti”? I’m being facetious…leave your spray cans and pens at home!)

The cabin is on a steep hillside, under some very mature trees. I expect that if/when there’s a fire in this area, the cabin (and it’s history) will not be protected very well.

Anyway, that was my day, exploring from the Coyote Creek gate, with the park being the wettest it’s been in years.

(I’ve writen about Henry Coe many times before. If you want to explore for the first time, look here, then ask me questions! (The HQ Visitor’ Center is a great spot for your first visit.)


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2 Responses to The Lost Cabin in the Woods: the White Cabin in Henry Coe State Park

  1. So cool to find old buildings – funny the distinction between graffiti and historic items, many times no different.

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